Department of Botany

About the Subject

From the very ancient era plants are the aspect of interest among the people. Now we are in 21st century, then also we are so much enthusiastic about the study of plants. Dr. Jagdishchandra Bose has demonstrated that, even plants also have feelings like the human beings. The plants are the biggest source for the fulfillment of three basic needs of human i.e. Food, Cloths and shelter. That’s why it’s become more and more necessary to have the knowledge of this subject. This is the basic subject of the science. If anyone wants to overcome the problems of scarcity of food in the world, all of we should engaged with study of plants and its utilization for human being. It is the science for everyone.

One who is interested in tourism he can serve as Ecologist, Taxonomist, conservation forester or plant explorer. One who is interested in physical science he can serve in field of Biophysics, Developmental Botany or Bioinformatics. Those who are interested in chemistry, he can also work in field of Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Molecular biology, Chemotaxonomic or ethenobotanist. Somebody may works in microbiology, Phycology, or Mycology also. Those who are having sense to realize beauty of nature; he can work as horticulturist or landscape developers. Someone may works in field of plant breeding, plant pathology as India is the agro based country. In recent periods Biotechnology and genetic Engineering are the emerging trends in Botany. One in all, it is the branch of science which can give someone his bread and bed i.e. you can become an employee as well as employer.

About Department

Masters Programmers:

This department doesn’t carry P.G. Programmers.

Undergraduate Programmers: B.Sc.

This departments of Electronics offer a three year B.Sc. degree programmed in several areas such as Material Science, Solid state physics, statically mechanics, Quantum mechanics, properties of matter, thermodynamics, nuclear and molecular physics, laser, nanotechnology, superconductivity etc.

The admission of local candidates are first come basis, the advertisement is put up print media. The first semester starts around the beginning of July. 


  1. Collaboration among faculty and students.
  2. Healthy teacher – student relation
  3. Well educated, well experienced faculty.


Students with good academic rank or percentage prefer technical subjects such as computer science. So the students admitted to this department are either slow learner or low meritorious.


Students are encouraged to take up higher studies along with necessary help is provided for taking admission. Proper counseling is made for them.


Most of the Students belong to villages and from farmer’s families; therefore regularity of students is satisfactory, not the best. It affects their studies. To overcome on this problem is a challenge. To develop punctuality in them is also a challenge.

Future Plan

  1. To get recognition as Research Laboratory through university. Thus increase research activity in department.
  2. To set Museum and to develop Botanical garden.
  3. To organize National level conference on recent trends in research in Botany.
  4. To run the minor and major research project in the department.

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