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    Late Ku. Durga K. Banmeru Science College is situated at world famous Lonar city recognized for its crater with salt …

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    Amrut sevabhavi Sanstha is established in 1998 at Parbhani. It is a registered society under act 1860 u/s 21 and …

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    Amrut Sevabhavi Santha, Parbhani has a tradition of well educated Management members from its establishment. These are the Pillars of …

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    Lonar is the tourist spot in Buldhana district of Maharastra state. Lonar having the crater of hypervelocity meteorite impact like …

President’s Message

Smt. Usha Tarachand Gole: Amrut Sevabhavi Sanstha, parbhani is working with purely social agenda. All the members of the society are working in various fields came together and established this society under the president ship of Dr. Prakash K. Banmeru. They have broadminded and multidimensional views behind establishment of the society. Society brought its objectives into existence. From 1998 society never looks back. It is continuously working for serving the people by providing them facilities of higher science education, health services, environmental protection and women empowerment.


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